Grow: The CrossFit Hero WOD

It’s Memorial Day and you haven’t worked out yet. I challenge you to destroy yourself with a CrossFit Hero workout of the day (wod).

These are extremely challenging workouts dedicated in memory of a Hero.

These are not designed for you to bang through them and go about your day. These are designed to be tough mentally and physically. For some of us it’s a reminder of the sacrifices they endured, and the heavy weight their loved ones now endure.

Today I did The Murph dedicated to Michael Murphy

1 mile run

100 pull ups

200 push ups

300 air squats

1 mile run

Here is a list of Hero WODS

The men and women who have given their all will never be forgotten. To many of my colleagues and myself Memorial Day is just an exclamation point on the weight we carry all year.

To my brothers who paid the ultimate price for our freedom and never made it back, today is your day.

3 June 2011

SPC Dereck Holland

29 June 2011

Captain Matthew G. Nielson

Captain David E. Van Camp

Sergeant Robert G. Tenney.

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