Grow: What Does Your Social Media Say About You

social-media-icons-23Recently I look into changing my career path, I knew this position would require me to go to a school where the instructors would look into my social media. This is no big secret and they use whatever means necessary to find out about you. Lets face it you are not going to put what your weekend habits are on your resume, but your future employee might want to know. That’s when they turn to your social media.

My packet was sent in to a scrubber, a guy currently in the field I was inquiring and within 24 hours he called me. He said he had already reviewed my online accounts which I knew were all clean, or so I thought. My LinkedIn had some of my previous employers and the type of work I had done, which by no means was some Jason Borne stuff but it was something the school-house could use to their benefit and you don’t want that.

My Facebook account is locked up as tight as I could make it and its an alias anyhow so that was pretty hard for him to find. I reluctantly gave him the correct name because surely they would find it through email and other info i would have to give. My Facebook is only to stay in contact with people I have met through my travels and puppy videos because who doesn’t like them. In all my efforts to keep my personal life off the web my scrubber knew who  my wife was, where she worked, and my daughter’s name. He told me it really doesn’t take much when you know the paths to take, there’s always a back door.

Now on to your Social Media, what does yours say about you? Here are some things seen on Social Media and what it says about you.


“I’m always sick and I want the world to know”. We all have that one person who pops up on your time line to let you know that they don’t feel good. I have never really understood it, I guess people are just reaching for sympathy. Is that sympathy worth possibly your next job? Would you hire someone who in the last month has been out sick or complained about being sick more than 25% of the month?

  • empathetic
  • needs attention
  • going to need a serious sick day package


“Check out me and my girls/boys going out for some drinks”. Photo op anyone, sure you are having a good time and everyone looks nice. Post that shit, you guys are getting crazy and you want the world to know. Whelp your awesome night with Tina or Mark might make you look immature to that old lady at your future jobs HR dept. Take pictures, do whatever you want, but maybe, just maybe keep the slutty “I’m too drunk to taste this chicken” stuff  saved to your phone not social media. We all like to party and have a good time just remember it doesn’t always need to be posted.  Remember if you wouldn’t show it to mom or dad you probably shouldn’t post it.

  • immature
  • irresponsible

o-FACEBOOK-POSTS-EMPLOYERS-facebookMy all time favorite is the ” I fucking hate my job” or “I hate my boss” post. Oh man you really told your boss who’s probably not even on your friends list, but you know who is going to see that the HR department of your future job inquiry. Now going out on a limb here if you have experience in one field your probably going to apply for the same type of job? So what makes you think you’ll “fucking love your new job”, I’m not sure and neither is your inuring HR Dept. Regardless of the position you are filing for your attitude sucks and they know it. So do yourself a favor and do what the rest of us do find a new fucking job and stop whining, no one cares, we all hate our job from time to time it’s a job not a freaking hobby.

  • not a performer
  • may become insubordinate
  • never satisfied

I challenge you to look at any of your all time leaders and check out their social media. The professionals will not make any of these mistakes. They understand that in today’s Social Media world a book IS judged by its cover. Take your typical “Instagram model” (writing that makes me cringe cause it’s not a real job) she has 2.1 million followers just from her risky pictures and bullshit life quotes.  Most people do not have time to get to know you, in today technology driven social life you are what your social media portrays.

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