Short: Wide Open Spaces

Ornaments, nick nacks, chachkies call it what you want but it’s clutter and it’s filling your head.

Recently my wife, daughter, and I moved to another state, and we had stuff, a ton of stuff. We were determined to de clutter within our move and we succeeded, here’s how and more importantly why it’s so good for you mind and wallet.

Two simple and self explanatory rules are as follows.

  • The one year rule– if it hasn’t been used in a year it’s gone.
  • The extra rule– if you have multiples one has gotta go.

Now with the rules set you gotta just let go, in order to do this right you gotta put each item in a category.

“Do I use or need this”

Yes- well then keep it.

If the answer is NO place it in one of three categories sell, donate, or trash.

Sell Selling your stuff can be a pretty lucrative thing especially if you have a entrepreneurial spirit. We decided to create a moving sale page dedicated to our stuff and advertise our page within our Facebook community sale pages. We found this to be awesome because we never had to “bump” or re advertise our products on those big pages. We listed everything at “or best offer” prices and put some vacation money in our pocket about $500. Key here is to not over price based on emotional value, be reasonable you already decided it needs to go.

Donate Not only are you ridding your house with unnecessary clutter but you are helping someone out. If you are unsure if it’s trash or donate throw it in the donation bin and allow someone else to make that decision.

Trash This is where the broke unserviceable stuff goes. Again be reasonable what’s trash to you might not be trash to others.

Now for your mind, let me tell you de cluttering has change our household for the better. It’s freeing, rewarding, and all around just feels good.

How you go about it is up to you we had a very short amount of time to move so are change was very abrupt. I have heard of people doing one item a day for a year. However you manage to do it I promise you won’t be sorry you did.

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